The Importance Of China Foundry Industry

- Feb 08, 2018-

China's foundries industry has always been an important, basic and irreplaceable industry in the national economy with advantages of relatively low cost and wide adaptability to technology. 

China is a foundry power, whether it is the annual output of castings, or practitioners, the number of enterprises has been ranked first in the world. With the trend of economic globalization, the continuous development of the market economy, casting-related technology, production, management and so on all kinds of standards are increasingly dependent on demand and dependence. In our country, there are still many problems to be solved in order to form large-scale production of aluminum alloy castings and meet the requirements of light-weight automobile. First, the demand of aluminum castings for automobiles is developing toward thin-walled, complex shape, high strength and high quality. In order to meet this requirement, the casting process should be further optimized and new alloy materials developed. Second, the cost of production should be reduced from a design and process point of view, such as the use of multiple mold and automation technologies to increase productivity, extend mold life, and reduce the number of parts with an integrated design. Third, the use of computer simulation technology to shorten the development process of the program cycle. Fourth, increase the recovery of aluminum.