The Characteristics And Advantages Of Precision Casting

- May 02, 2018-

Precision casting, also called investment casting, has the following characteristics compared to other casting methods and parts forming methods:

1. The casting has high dimensional accuracy and fine surface roughness. The dimensional accuracy of the casting can reach CT4-CT6 and the surface roughness can reach 0.4-3.2μm. It can greatly reduce the machining allowance of the casting and can realize the manufacture without excess and decrease. Cost of production.

2. It can cast castings with complex shapes and difficult to be processed by other methods. The size of castings is as small as several millimeters to thousands of millimeters, the thickness is the thinnest 0.5mm, and the minimum hole is less than 1.0mm.

3. The alloy material is not limited: materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy and precious metal can be produced by precision casting. For alloy materials that are difficult to forge, weld and cut, more Is particularly suitable for precision casting production.

4. It has high production flexibility and strong adaptability. It can be used for mass production as well as for small batches or even single pieces.

To sum up, precision casting has the advantages of small investment scale, large production capacity, low production cost, simplification of complicated product processes, and quick investment efficiency. It is thus in a favorable position in competition with other processes and production methods, and has bright prospects.