Microstructure Of Cast Iron Castings In Precision Casting

- Feb 08, 2018-

Precision Casting in the gray iron castings in the graphite sheet, cutting non-metallic substrate, the destruction of its continuity, so that the strength of the role. From the intensity of thinking,

Should prevent the production of growth and thin graphite sheet and small graphite sheet, graphite sheet with obvious location reaction is particularly large. Grasp the spread of graphite is guaranteed

Gray iron castings key features:

Type A graphite is being formed in an environment with lower carbon equivalent and lower icing rates. Because newborn dendrites dendrite more, attack eutectic

No change in the degree of supercooling, the graphite center is not too much, the eutectic group larger, composed of graphite than D-type graphite. Because of the relatively rapid freezing, austenitic branch

Crystal crystal prosperous, echogenic echogenic changes occur when the liquid is mainly between the nascent austenite dendrite, the composition of the graphite film along the dendritic growth position, is in the course

The location of the response to the mechanical properties of pig iron greater efforts should be made to prevent its occurrence.