Main Advantages Of Large Castings

- Dec 09, 2019-

1. The size and shape of large-scale bed castings, good repeatability, and features of precision casting;

2. The surface finish of large bed castings is high;

3. Unboxing and mold removal greatly simplifies the molding process and eliminates casting defects and scraps of the machine tool bed caused by mold removal and box closing;

4. A reasonably shaped pouring riser can be set at the ideal position, which is not restricted by traditional factors such as parting and mold taking, which reduces the internal defects of the casting;

5. Combined pouring, one box with multiple pieces, greatly improving the process yield and production efficiency of large machine tool castings;

6. Reduced processing margin and reduced machining costs;

7. Adopt dry sand molding without binder, moisture and any additives to eliminate various casting defects and waste products caused by moisture, additives and binders;

8. The sand processing system has been greatly simplified, and all the molding sand can be reused, and the molding sand preparation department and the waste sand processing department have been cancelled;

9. The large-scale bed castings have no burrs, which reduces the cleaning and grinding workload by more than 50%.