Investment Casting Process Overview And Investment Casting Technology Development

- Feb 08, 2018-

1. Precision Casting, whether it has other names? Can it be used to produce more sophisticated and complicated castings?

Precision casting, its abbreviation is casting, its English name, it is precision casting. In addition, from the point of view of properties, it is a special casting, rather than ordinary casting. In specific applications, there are many, for example, used to cast some of the more sophisticated and complex castings. Therefore, on the second question, the answer is yes.

2 precision casting process, which can be summarized as a few?

Precision casting process, if summarized, is to pressure wax, shell, pouring, post-processing and testing of these five. Among them, the pressure wax is to include pressure wax, repair wax and group tree these three. The system shell, there is hanging sand, hanging pulp and air-dried these three. Its post-processing, including blasting, shot blasting, correction and pickling and other processes, and in the inspection, there is a wax inspection, the initial inspection, inspection and finished product seized these four.