Investment Casting Automated Shell Production Line Production Planning Optimization, Scheduling And Control

- Feb 08, 2018-

Investment Casting is a nearly net shape forming process, the product quality and product yield have high requirements. The quality of the product is usually guaranteed by improving the manufacturing process, and the yield of the product needs to be guaranteed by the repeatability of the key process. The use of automated production mode has become the inevitable choice of investment casting. At present, the investment casting precision casting automated production lines are all imported, expensive. Moreover, it is not convenient to adjust the process. Based on the full research and application of investment casting technology at home and abroad, the paper makes an analysis on the manufacturing process of investment casting shell, and makes an in-depth study on the batch decomposition and other issues in practical production. The genetic algorithm is used to propose an alternative technical solution for processing scheduling optimization. The preliminary design of the system is completed. The eM-Plant simulation software is used to simulate the technical scheme and the machining scheduling optimization scheme that meets the actual needs is obtained. Based on the theoretical analysis and simulation experiments, the overall design and detailed design of the control system of the automated shell making line for investment casting have been completed. The development of control software for hanging conveyor line and coating / liquid deposition robot has been completed. OPC and Database technology to complete the control system PC control, management, scheduling system development. In the meantime, the system operation parameters are optimized on the basis of continuous experiments by combining with the shell making process, which effectively solves the product quality problems and production efficiency problems of the investment casting shell making process. Finally, the paper summarizes the research work, and puts forward a further prospect for the automation technology of investment casting shell making.