How To Solve The Die Casting And Other Casting Shrinkage Shrinkage Problem

- Feb 08, 2018-

1. Die casting shrinkage shrinkage phenomenon exists

Die casting shrinkage shrinkage phenomenon is only one reason, that is due to the metal melt filling, the liquid phase into a solid phase transition must exist.Since the solidification of die-casting from the outside to the internal cooling, When the casting wall thickness is larger, the internal inevitable shrinkage problem

Therefore, the die casting, especially for thick die casting, the existence of shrinkage problem is inevitable, it can not be solved.

2. Die casting shrinkage shrinkage to solve the only way

Casting shrinkage shrinkage problem can not be completely solved from the die-casting process itself, to completely solve this problem, can only go beyond the process, or from the system to find a solution.