What factors will affect the production of large gear processing factory?

- Dec 07, 2020-

What factors will affect the production of large gear processing factory?

After a long period of experimental summary, large gear manufacturers can make the quality of the product problems or affected by the two categories, the size of the precision control and liquid condensation time control.In the casting process, the whole casting process must be controlled, otherwise it will easily lead to product quality problems, and also affect the performance of the equipment.

In process production, the product is formed by cooling the liquid metal.Control of dimensional accuracy: Because the size of the product and the quality of external light will be subject to various factors or constraints, resulting in increased difficulty.Because it is liquid forming, on the purification on the special, on the structure, the large gear processing factory product cavity and shape are a molding method, can be close to the customer want shape, can reduce the assembly processing and other procedures.And in the precision and quality can be close to the customer's requirements, on the other hand can also retain the product corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, to improve the service life of large gear.

Control of solidification time: the structure, grain size and direction of liquid metal are closely related to solidification, and have a great influence on the physical and mechanical properties of the product.As long as the solidification structure can be controlled, sequential solidification, rapid solidification and dynamic junction can be controlled.

In the production of products, if these two aspects can be controlled well, then the quality and dimensional accuracy of products from the factory can reduce the corresponding cost, large gear processing manufacturers can also better deliver satisfactory products.