The form of precision casting contrast features

- Feb 08, 2018-

What is precision casting is the way to proceed, which is a major problem, the other we can understand is that for the special processing methods and is more concerned about the characteristics of precision casting is a number of detailed forms, which is our detailed decomposition and Some of the major ways of casting, for this form of construction and found that the relative form of coating we produce to a certain extent allows us to have a series of product development, which we have to take some complementary advantages Way to carry out the corresponding strategy of the special form of the special properties of the general level of the principle of complex advantages in the uninterrupted processing can take the characteristics of an alternative way to develop the casting form and characteristics of the development performance, Then we have to use a new method and a specific idea to explain the explanation, explain some common casting solutions, which can be implemented in a certain degree of marketing techniques can not be used to deal with the general accuracy of processing characteristics With the detailed variety, for We still have to change the type of casting of some scalability and digging, such a coating should be in a certain recommendation to achieve some of the characteristics we have, our production scale in a certain expansion is also a certain Harmony, To a large extent, we need the feature classification is a non-definition of the expansion and general follow-up of the excavation is a basic feature of our class.