Precision Castings Entrance Rebound International needs weakness

- Feb 08, 2018-

Investment casting is one of the ways of smelting. According to the demand for goods or stop the heat solution and cold processing. Precision Casting is definitely in the traditional smelting process in terms of a special smelting approach. It can lose absolute precision and high precision of smelting.

The more extensive approach is to take the lead in making the lasts that were created on the request of the goods (with little or no residual margin), cast the wax using a casting method and lost the original wax pattern; Sanding sequence, softening the shell and dull; then the external wax mold dissolved away, is dewaxing, loss of cavity; roasting shell to lose the remaining strength and leakage function; pouring the required non-metallic materials; Shelling after shelling, which lost high-precision waste.