How to make good casting in steel casting

- Dec 07, 2020-

Steel casting process on major technical equipment of the important parts on the performance and quality requirements strictly, large steel usually small batch, more important parts for the major technical equipment, production of casting process is relatively complex complex, the construction period is long, the value is very high, be difficult to test and improve the process, there may be some in some small inconspicuous factors, can have very significant effect in the bulk.Tengfei cast steel here to remind: in the design of large steel castings to be calm, appropriate and prudent for the principle, in the absence of very sufficient basis and guarantee, the choice of a variety of appropriate programs, it is appropriate to adopt more safe process program.

Before the processing of steel casting, great attention should also be paid to the casting process, there should be enough cooling time in the mold to prevent deformation, cracks and other defects. In order to prevent excessive casting stress, after pouring, when the casting solidification is basically completed, the mold and core can be relaxed to maximize the free shrinkage of the casting.

The process design of large steel castings is a complex and systematic process, which requires designers to have profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience.There are many technological factors to be considered in the design process. These factors are not independent and often interact and influence each other. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, an overall consideration and comprehensive planning should be taken into account.