Equiaxed leaf precision casting technology

- Feb 08, 2018-

In the manufacturing process of equi-axed-blade using precision casting technology, due to improper vacuum smelting and pouring process and other factors, the mechanical properties of the test bar often lead to unacceptable mechanical properties such as coarse grain, uneven grain, Products, such as micro-shrinkage foundry defects.

Isometric products in the leaf casting, the main grain size and micro-loose control, in addition to ensure the use of high-quality ceramic core, investment mold, shell and ceramic filters, but also must have the right melting and casting process. Leaf grain size control is also thermal control, chemical, mechanical and other methods.

The use of precision casting technology to produce equiaxed crystal leaves, but also need to select the appropriate shell temperature and pouring temperature, under normal conditions, the shell preheat temperature control in the 1000-1050 ℃, pouring temperature at 1440-1460 ℃ Between the most suitable. Shell in the production of the thickness of the control in accordance with the standards should also be in the 5-15mm, and the use of shell under the shape of ceramic cotton, changing the casting temperature gradient of solidification, in the above several factors can be uniform equiaxed leaves.