Alloy investment precision casting material advantages

- Feb 08, 2018-

The Steel Research Institute carried out a number of units, such as investment casting TiAl alloy precision casting research has been initially made of vehicle engines with turbocharger turbocharger and exhaust valves and aircraft engine spout parts, at present its technical level is in the laboratory development stage.

Iron and Steel Research Institute in the vacuum induction furnace with centrifugal casting method developed a turbocharger turbocharger, aeronautic vortex pieces and turbine blade reduction ratio pieces. Among them, the turbocharger turbocharger test specifications by a full range of tests and the engine test real face, and assembly of high temperature alloy turbocharger runner engine found that with TiAl alloy turbocharger allows a type Diesel full load acceleration response time reduced by about 35%, the engine fuel consumption reduction of 3g (kW · h), steady-state smoke reduction of 0.2Rb (Bo Xu), that is, through the experiment proved that the application of this light new material can be significantly improved Vehicle engine performance, and produce significant energy-saving, emission reduction effect, which has important implications for technology and huge market prospects.