A series of precision casting goods mold for business use

- Feb 08, 2018-

1. Wax base materials: mineral wax or animal wax as a secondary factor of the mold, more international use, precision casting is the most paraffin palmitic acid mold.

2. Resin-based mold: Resin error quality information, the income less, high strength, sticky and brittle, brittle. Aggregate recovery of the application of the material is absolutely difficult, is conducive to raising profits.

3. Aggregate mold: In order to reduce the mold expansion, to prevent mold deformation and nominal shrinkage, improve the nominal quality and accuracy of smelting smelting, is in the mold plus a aggregate, the aggregate material.

4. Water-soluble mold: Some simple cavity cores are being consumed and a mold that does not have to be heated for demolding. To improve the collection of resin rarely used or modified rosin, it is the rosin by chemical solution to increase its membership, the double bond to reduce the chemical stability and increase the acid value.

5. Series of cargo mold: manufacturing precision and size are not the same smelting, for the mold function request is no different.