Sand Casting Steel Box Body Of Reducer

Sand Casting Steel Box Body Of Reducer

Sand Casting steel box body of reducer Application: Transmission, drive Material: Steel Technology: Sand casting+CNC Treatment: Zind plated, painting Standard: ASTM,DIN,GB/T
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Reducer box body (cast steel box body of reducer, cast iron box body of reducer, welding box body of reducer)

Reducer box is an important component of reducer, it is the base of transmission parts, should have enough strength and stiffness.The gearbox is usually made of gray cast iron, which has good casting performance and vibration absorption performance.For heavy load or impact load reducer can also be used cast steel box.Single piece reducer, in order to simplify the process, reduce the cost, can use steel plate welded box.In order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of shafting components, the gearbox system is divided horizontally along the axis line.The cover of the upper case and the body of the lower case are connected with bolts.The connecting bolt of the bearing seat should be as close as possible to the bearing seat hole, and the boss next to the bearing seat should have enough supporting surface to place the connecting bolt and ensure the wrench space needed for tightening the bolt.In order to ensure the box body has enough rigidity, add support bar near the bearing hole.In order to ensure the stability of the reducer on the foundation and reduce the machining area of the box base plane as far as possible, the box bottom is generally not a complete plane.

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