Sand Casting,OEM High Quality Pump Body Casting And Machining Parts

Sand casting,OEM high quality pump body casting and machining parts, MT,PT testing
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Product Details

Our advantage:

1.Over 15 years of international experience in the field of mechanical manufacturing.

2.OEM and ODM.

3.Automatic production line to meet precision and high efficient modern production.

4. ISO9001 /ISO14001

Main Export Markets:

  • Europe, North America,Asia,Australasia...

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1.Is your company a manufacturer?

Yes, we Stone group have 4 factories.

2.How about your export experience?

80% exported to Western Europe and North America, for customers like Siemens, Sulzer, Baker Hughes,  etc.

3 .What does your company need to submit a quotation?

Drawings or Samples, together with information like quantity, material, tolerance etc.

4 . What if we do not have a drawing?

We can build the drawing according to your samples and offer you the price.