Aluminum Die Casting Parts For Agriculture Machine

Aluminum Die Casting Parts For Agriculture Machine

We produce a wide range of products and continue to expand our service to our customers, this parts castings is just an example we can do, so please contact us for more information.No matter what type of casting you need, our technical department will assist you in confirming all technical data. We will provide you with the best price based on your end use and market level.
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Product Details


Products Types: Die casting aluminum parts

Material: Aluminum alloy

Casting Weight : range from 0.5kgs-50kgs

Machining Process: CNC Machining/ Lathing/ Milling/ Boring/ Drilling/ Tapping/ Broaching/Grinding/ etc.

MOQ:  According to different condition   

Lead Time: 35-60 days

General Products Service Area

Metal Parts Solution for Vehicle, Agriculture machine, Construction Machine, transportation equipment, Valve and Pump system.

Such as  Engine bracket, truck chassis bracket, gear box , gear housing , gear cover, shaft, spline shaft , pulley, flange, connection pipe, pipe, hydraulic valve , valve housing ,Fitting , flange, wheel, flywheel, oil pump housing, starter housing, coolant pump housing, transmission shaft , transmission gear, sprocket, chains etc.