OEM / Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Parts

OEM / aluminum alloy die casting parts
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Product Details

Name:  aluminum alloy die casting parts  cookware sets 

Material:Aluminum Alloy

Size: Diameter 400mm, height 250mm

Casting Tolerance: 0.05-0.1mm

Surface treatment:Anodizing

Process:die casting

The  way of packing:  1) Stack the casting parts on the pallet, every parts separated by cardboard

2) Use plywood plate separate every layer of casting parts

3) Use cardboard support the 4 corners

4) Use tape fasten the cardboard and surround the stacked parts

5) Use film wrap them

6) Stick the label at side

Certificate:ISO 9001:2015

Tooling Cost: Delivery of Tooling / sample:Mini Order Qty. : 1000PCS Deliver of Mini Qty.:10 DAYS


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